Monday, June 29, 2009

Twitter is Great for Arabic Practice!

I'm so rusty! But I joined Twitter a while back, and recently I've discovered that it's great for Arabic practice. By subscribing to Arabic language Twitter accounts, I see little Arabic snippets pop up in my feed throughout the day. They're manageable (140 characters max.), they help refresh my vocabulary, help me get back in the habit of using Arabic sounds and pronunciation (when I read news headlines out loud to myself, for instance), encourage me to look up words I don't know, etc. After just a few days I'm finding I can read and understand a lot of headlines, again!

These help w/ daily practice doses: @arabiclanguage (this is the account for BYKI's Arabic blog---see blog list at sidebar), @BBCArabicNews, @AJArabic (Al Jazeera), @arabic_poems, @arabic_quotes, @Al_Arabiya_Ar

Here's another example of how Twitter can be helpful. This account isn't all-Arabic, but this little blog link was interesting, & good practice for my Arabic reading.
@globalvoices: MJ Death Reaction in Kuwait: a mixture...
Sorry this isn't much of a post. I know I haven't kept my promise to this blog. But I'm not giving up on it!


rad said...

hello there,thanks for the post.I just want to say that I'm an arabic native speaker so I can help you or anyone to learn or practice it while I'm practising my english.
this's my e-mail:

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